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A Term for high-grossing Movies
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          The term ''Box Office'' in the context of the film industry is defined as income from ticket sales, usually in US dollars for Hollywood releases,as well as number of attendances for other countries, including Indonesia. The latest box office figures are compiled on different websites, most notably at
          Ticket price vary from one country to another. And inflation also determines the rise of ticket prices from one year to another. From example: Average ticket prices for Gone With the Wind was only 23 cents (or Rp. 2000,00 ) in 1939, compared the recent box office for Avatar (2009), which grossed US $760 million at the average ticket price of US $7.95.
         Box office movies usually are released during summer at first instance, or in winter at a period around Christmas Day. The biggest domestic (US) gross for the adjusted inflation box office film of all time is still held by Gone With the Wind (1939) with US $ 1.6 billion for the United States market alone. In comparison, Avatar, (2009) comes in 14th place with US $ 760 million.
         The figures for Indonesian box office films are yet to be calculated since distributors and cinemas owners here don't have a rule of thumb for calculating box office figures based on ticket sales. But triggered by word of mouth and widespread euphoria, the highest box office figure is still held by the movie Jelangkung (2001) with 5.7 million audiences.
         So if you want to know whether a film is worth enough being labeled ''a box office movie'' you can browse the internet by visiting the following websites of movie reviews: (, movies' box office predictions (, or other movie-related websites such as or AI

source: CnS magazine.. ^^

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